omg so i’ve been watching s1 of teen wolf with one of my ~rl bffs~ and it’s literally hilarious to hear outsider perspectives on the show i mean sometimes i’ve had to pause it and just start laughing at her comments

we’ve only just finished ep 3 and she’s particularly aggravated by the fact that stiles and scott got derek arrested so she was all

rachel: i don’t get it why are they so stupid why are they getting him arrested??

me: because all the evidence points to him killing that girl?

rachel: SO?? he’s clearly the only one who knows ANYTHING about this werewolf stuff like why the fuck would you get your own kind locked up that is literally the stupidest fucking thing oh my god scott is going to end up killing EVERYONE at this rate

me: but it seems like derek’s a murderer?

rachel: oh my god he is so not a murderer look at him LOOK AT HIM look at his god damn face he is not a murderer get out no seriously if it turns out he’s actually a murderer i’m not watching anymore

i don’t know if i’m going to be able to survive the entire season with her omfg

  1. cle-gane said: lbr who doesn’t have derek hale feelings. posey excluded.
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